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Mike Winters

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  • General Manager
  • 1515 Poydras St, Ste 600
  • New Orleans, LA 70112
  • P: 504.264.6659
  • P: 888.205.4061

Mike Winters’ success is founded on his passion for leveraging technology that creates business solutions and developing strategic alliances that produce valuable business outcomes. As general manager for Level 3 Communications, using his business acumen and technical resourcefulness, Mike helps Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi clients simplify, differentiate, grow and protect their businesses while connecting them globally.

For more than two decades, Mike has delivered executive leadership for sales, marketing, operations and engineering with Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial businesses. He was recruited to Level 3 in 2006 to direct sales engineering, and during his first four years, he led sales and integration engineering for the south-central United States.

Mike earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing from Louisiana State University and a master’s of business administration from Loyola University. He is vice chair of Cyber Security Initiative, a partnership of the FBI and Louisiana Technology Council.

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