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Warren Greenberg

Warren Greenberg
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  • General Manager
  • One Penn Plaza
  • 51st Floor
  • New York, NY 10119
  • P: 646.862.8528
  • P: 646.831.9881

Warren Greenberg joined Level 3 Communications in 2012. As general manager, Warren is responsible for the financial health, market leadership, growth and support of the New York City region and its boroughs, including Long Island.

Warren drives customer growth while increasing enterprise revenue and market share. He is passionate about providing superior customer care and works to ensure his teams are delivering a deliberate and memorable customer experience.

Previously, he served Global Crossing as the area vice president of New York City branch for two years. Prior to Global Crossing, he held leadership and sales positions at MFS, Worldcom and Verizon Business.

Warren is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison Campus.

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