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Brian Britton

Brian Britton has worked in the telecommunications industry for 14 years. He spent seven years at TW Telecom (formerly Time Warner Telecom). There, Brian held various positions, and as a senior director of sales, he oversaw business development, operational efficiencies, and market expansion for Los Angeles County. Previously, Brian had roles in finance, operations, marketing and sales in the Bay Area for AT&T (formerly SBC Communications).

Brian earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Southern California (USC).

Locally Connected We Stand

Link globally. Connect locally. With Level 3 Northern California (San Francisco, San Jose) on your side, both have never been easier- or as closely tied to your business strategies. Your enterprise is united by your network. Level 3 Communications offers network solutions that can strengthen the growth, efficiency and security of your organization. We’ve built a technology platform, a solutions portfolio and an experienced local team committed to deliver data, voice and video services over an end-to-end IP network while providing human ingenuity, integrity and agility to deliver an industry-leading customer experience. Explore our network, see for yourself how Level 3’s local to global connectivity unites people, businesses and cities and find out for yourself why our reliability is your opportunity.

Northern California Locations include:

San Francisco, San Jose

World-Class Business Services include:

Ethernet Services

Your San Francisco area business demands a scalable, end-to-end network solution that meets your specific connectivity needs, timelines and demands for growth - at a price that meets the tightening demands of your budget.

By combining the privacy, security, diversity and dedicated bandwidth of private line service with the simplicity and affordability of an Ethernet interface, you have a cost-effective network solution that lets you take advantage of the power, flexibility and competitive pricing that Level 3 Communications can offer.

Voice Services

Reliable communications services — next to positive cash flow, there may be nothing more important to the success of a business.

Looking for dependable, feature-rich voice solutions to meet the demanding needs of your San Jose area business? Level 3 offers world-class voice services, from basic business needs to complex worldwide connectivity, designed to fit your unique requirements. Level 3 has the experience, reliability, and product depth to support your voice communication needs. Whether from San Francisco to San Jose, regional to global, we have the power, flexibility and competitive pricing to help you grow your business.


Looking for a secure, private, high-quality network?

Level 3 can help you replace multiple older networks with a single, flexible, cost-effective solution that can greatly simplify the converged transmission of voice, video and data. The Level 3 VPN (virtual private network) solutions connect you with secure and scalable network connectivity. Our VPN technology is rapidly becoming the industry standard for supporting unified communications and IP-based applications.

Internet / IP

If you need a robust Internet access solution that evolves with your San Francisco area business needs, you've come to the right place.  Level 3® Dedicated Internet Access service (DIA) is available in a wide range of speeds and access methods, giving you access to essential features such as redundancy, scalability, DNS-resolution and 24-hour monitoring and support. No matter what size San Jose area business you run, from small companies to large corporations, Level 3 has an Internet access solution to meet your unique demands for high-speed, dedicated Internet.


By Brian Britton
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Brian Britton

General Manager
Level 3 in Northern California

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