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Tim Wood

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  • General Manager
  • 4000 Chester Ave.
  • Cleveland, OH 44013
  • P: 216.865.9425
  • P: 888.206.0663

Timothy Wood is the general manager of Ohio and Michigan markets for Level 3 Communications. Prior to this role, he was the director of Sales and Support for northern Ohio and Indiana. He has a combined 20 years of experience with Level 3 and Global Crossing in sales, support and leadership roles.

Tim is currently developing the local fiber plant to enable clients a local-to-global-to-local design, all on the Level 3 infrastructure. He also developed a client-support program that delivers a unique and superior customer experience. He and his team are fanatically dedicated to overall customer satisfaction, based on the belief that the Enterprise client deserves a better experience from their carrier.

Tim earned a Bachelor of Science degree in economics with a minor in psychology from Denison University.

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